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What Are RIPstrips™

RIPstrips can relieve snoring by opening the nasal airways from the outside with the adhesive lifting and the nasal passage. This improves the ability to breathe through the nose by reducing the resistance to air flow whilst sleeping.

Who Can Use RIPstrips™

The RIPstrips are suitable for all snorers both young and old, male or female. RIPstrips are suitable for all sizes and shapes of the nose.

How Do RIPstrips™ Work

Each RIPstrip when placed over the centre of the bridge nose has a superior adhesive which will lift the nostrils and allows for up to 30% better air flow when sleeping. The elastic strips have a spring like mechanism which try to straighten and this raises the nostrils and widens the breathe passage.

How RIPstrips™ Help To Relieve Snoring

Generally with nasal congestion the person is forced to be through their month, which causes snoring. RIPstrips by opening the airways allows the person to breathe through their nose whilst sleeping can reduce the snoring. It also assists in relieving congestion.

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